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    Welcome to Caustic Bytes. This is a website that will take a bite at politicians, companys or anyone who is getting it wrong, ripping you off or using other sleaze methods or scams in their day to day activities. If you are on here, you deserve it! If you stand back and take a look at yourself, maybe you might change what you are doing, mend your ways and earn the right to be taken off the site. CB pulls no punches!

    Navigation is by the site map. This is divided into sections depending on content. Every page within a section has a "pages" link where you can view other pages within that section that have relevant content. There is also a site map link to navigate back to move to other sections. New pages will be shown by [ using square brackets ] around the link.
    Where the text on any page is in bold red, it means that it is a fact or a figure taken from the media (TV or newspaper) and therefore the accuracy is not verified (we have all learned not to trust the modern day sensationalist media)! Finally if you have any comment regards the content there is a feedback or contact CB link which will forward your comments to CB.

    Those of you who have followed this site may find it interesting to realise a major point. Since the MP's expenses scandal there has come to be a realisation amongst the leaders of the political parties that changes must be made to "win back the confidence of the British people". The leader of the Conservative Party has proposed reducing the number of MPs and that a change to the electoral system is highly advisable (see the page on The Vote). These ideas have been on this site for three and a half years. Maybe CB is read by our leaders! Also please be under no illusions. Without the MP's being caught with their hands in our pockets, NO politician would think of changing the rules at all, they would have done as always and maintained the 2 party power sharing that has gone on since Britain became a "Democracy".

    CB does understand that he may come across as pretentious, conceited and arrogant but please bear with CB. He has no intention to upset the readers (unless you are one of the bad guys he is taking a bite at). CB just believes he can cut through the crap and give you the bottom line truth. He does not have all the answers (nobody does) BUT as you read these pages, maybe you might think he is close to the truth! Todays world is the world of scam and sleaze and the truth is at a premium, that is why CB does this site. The news page has daily updates.


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